We're two years in to Foxhound and I've learned a lot about scent composition as I've tried to recreate and imagine a life in fragrance. I didn't really know what I was doing in the beginning, actually I never imagined when this started I would ever create a business from it! It's been a blast and I pride myself on having unique one-of-a-kind scent creations. All the scents available from Foxhound are blended here in the studio and I work year 'round finding the perfect combinations to bring to life.
That being said, when I first started I didn't experiment a whole lot and played it pretty safe because there was so much else to learn and I think I can do better.

• Lavender + Linen started it all, the first and continuing best seller!
I'm reimagining this scent for 2017 and it will only be available as you know it for a short while longer while I work to give it new life.

• Brown Sugar & Earl Grey: are leaving us for good.
I'm sorry if they're a favourite of yours, they've treated us well but it's time to say goodbye. These scents won't be back and it will make room for some amazing new releases for next Spring and Fall.


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