Hi all,
I've started a blog a few times now but it all felt scripted. It's been a struggle to run a business in a 'business' world. I just want to be honest, kind and transparent. So there will be some ramblings and thoughts shared here and maybe some guest posts too.

Some Foxhound History:

Foxhound Collection started as a resolution. January 2015 at 25 I said, what is this life if I'm unhappy? It needed to change. My resolution: Do something that was nicer to my well-being and that I enjoyed waking up in the morning for. One year later, I left that job and was able to take Foxhound on full-time.

I now make a resolution every year. They always seem a little impossible but with each year I KNOW the opportunity is there to make it happen! January 2016 resolution: Have a studio - Foxhound Headquarters! As a little side goal, to maybe have a storefront one day.

I got both. I was fortunate to be able to curate a little shop in my space. It was short and sweet and the shop was up, running and gone within a few months. As a one-woman show it got stressful and there just weren't enough hands for me to do it all!

This opened up a conversation I never even thought of: Quitting = Failure

I was told: thank you for being vulnerable.
Many others I told avoided eye contact while giving their apologies.
Which grew into me sharing the news with a weird shrug to imitate the reaction I was waiting for.

What's with all the taboo's of quitting? Changes shouldn't make you feel vulnerable or lesser. To be honest I'm angry and frustrated we have this view no matter the reason any of us need to change our path. We should be celebrating or supportive of the fact that people are doing what they have to do to reach any goal, be it in life or business.. and I see why it's so difficult for many to make important changes they need. Even once my decision was made and I was happy, it put me in a weird frame of mind and it got harder to say:

Hell no, I'm happy I'm getting rid of a stress in my life so I can grow in another direction!

It felt more correct to accept the 'failure' attitude society has instilled in us, than to share how good this decision is. That this chapter was only a success that I'm totally proud of.

Change is good and I don't want any of you to feel guilty, judged or miss out because society has taught us that quitting = failure or that quitting will ruin your 'reputation'. This is so old fashioned and really limits you from moving forward at all.

If you've fought hard to make something come to life, you've realized things aren't going as planned, it opens a new door or it isn't making you happy - leave it behind and count that decision to quit as a success because it's a step in the right direction for you.




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