There are many fears as we run business alongside so many others in the world of social media. It's hard to get away from the pressure of the internet and trying to find your place in it. Often I think we feel we should never admit our struggles..

The holiday rush had me so overwhelmed that I had to completely step away from social media. I love Instagram and connecting with my little community in it.. Until I couldn’t, until I didn’t have the motivation or inspiration. I didn’t feel like I had anything important to say and started questioning my whole existence, all the many projects I’ve been trying to take on and I had in a way lost my voice. From the social media view I saw many other entrepreneurs looking like they had their shit together and I thought: This is it I'll be thrown aside and forgotten, they're better than me, they're killing it. I've got nothing left to share. Yeah it sounds dramatic, but that's what happens when we're down and surrounded by everyone's ‘best of’ on the internet.

In all honesty, I'm still shaken up after the last couple months had me overworked. Questioning the whys and hows of where I'm taking my business, while still keeping it honest and.. ‘me’. Which is why I'm taking this year to really slow down and focus on what I have instead of too far forward.

I’ve asked a handful of talented, inspiring small business owners around Nova Scotia to open up and share their real thoughts about staying current in business + a life online and those personal struggles we have while trying to compete in a saturated world.. Please feel free to add yours in the comments below, a safe space to vent or admit along with us.


“I think there's a big comparison issue with a lot of entrepreneurs, we are always watching everyone else and what they're doing and it's easy to get caught up in that and have a "oh I should be doing that too" thought. But that's when we either start burning ourselves out, or we don't act out of integrity and authenticity. It's a daily practice as an entrepreneur, that's for sure!”



"I loved social media until I realized how important of a tool it is for businesses & then all of a sudden, I became overly critical of everything I did...worried about finding my target audience, worried about how well others were doing, worried about curating my feed...& that worry became overwhelming & I was definitely struggling with anxiety over social media."



"For me, the dark side of social media is the feeling that maybe everyone else is being more productive than I am, and maybe I'm not doing enough, and how do I step up my game, etc. I've got this quotation by the Bhagavad Gita taped above my computer: "You are not entitled to the fruit of your labour, only the labour itself." It's a reminder that I ultimately do what I do for the joy that I get from it and not for anyone's approval. And, some days, I need that reminder more than others."



“I feel like people will forget I'm a designer if I don't post often, kind of like a fear of becoming irrelevant maybe but I fear feeling stupid or saying something I'll regret just as often. There's a push and pull between staying relevant and avoiding sharing/saying the wrong thing”



"For me it's more about feeling like everyone else is being more productive than I am. That cycle of comparison usually ends up sending me into a downward spiral. I'm trying to find the balance of when seeing what other people are up to is inspiring and when it's just overload. I have a feeling we hit overload quicker than we like to think we do."



"When I am trying to run a design business while being isolated in rural Nova Scotia. It's challenging to stay on top of trends and products when relying solely on internet-based resources. It can be discouraging to see the resources my competition have at their disposal, however I guess in light of that at least I am getting exposure to these things via social media, thanks to their posts."



As these comments rolled in all I could do was sit here and nod my head. Yes, yes, yes. Been there, thought that + will go through it again ..and you likely have and will too.

Plus these are only small excerpts from such a bigger conversation, I hadn't expected people to be so open and share so freely, this is obviously something we should be talking about together more often It really allows us to humanize each other beyond the cold wall of social media.

In the end it’s just pretty amazing that we can connect to the world, have the freedom to do what we love and live another day, right?

Kelsey Wier3 Comments