It's cominggg! Spring will be here before we know it and though I am learning to love Winter I don't think I'll ever wish for it the same way I want those first days of Spring. You know those in-between days when you know it's on its way. The birds start to chirp again and you realize just how quiet Winter can be. Just like the birds we find motivation in the sun and inspiration from the tiniest buds of colour.

Last Spring/Summer my inspiration came from energy. For SS17 I'm bringing it down a notch. We're focusing on the dog days of Summer, lazy weekends and early mornings. The days where you make no plans but are the perfect amount of busy. Drinking coffee on the step, an unplanned lunch with friends, a quick dip in the river to cool off and picking wild berries in a new-found field.

Vanilla + Cassis

Sweet notes of caramelized sugar, maple and coconut with black currants blackberries and soft citrus. A calming and dreamy scent perfect for every day.

Black Tea + Spice

Inspired by quiet early mornings + slow weekends. Steeped tea leaves with notes of clove bitter orange and black pepper. This scent will keep you company with its freshness all Summer and is a great transitional scent to keep you cozy all winter long!

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