2 YEARS OLD (giveaway)

Foxhound Collection is celebrating 2 years in business! Here's a few photos from the beginning:

• First photo = first melt. Had bought a ton of candlemaking gear/wax off Kijiji for fun from a woman who said she couldn't get it to work, pots were all caked in old wax dyed red and smelling of Christmas cranberries!
• Used an extra room in the house with a bunch of hotplates.. always blew the fuses in the house.
• Worked out of essentially a small shed for a while
• Last photo is the move into current studio!

Thanks for sticking around! To date I've poured labelled and packed over 8,000 candles: thank you so much for the love and support. So happy I get to fill your homes with warmth and cozy scents.


Win one 'Created with a love of nostalgia' print, 16 x 20, framed and in your choice of white or black, along with a $20CAD discount code off the Foxhound Collection online shop!
Enter on Facebook or Instagram and follow instructions within to enter - do both and get 2 entries!

For a limited time these prints are also available for purchase from the shop!

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