A story of nostalgia through scent

Hand-blended fragrance delicately fills the air in the Foxhound Collection studio. Inspired by peaceful adventures and seasonal wonders, each scent is unique to the experiences in our lives and has a story to tell. Here, is where we can reminisce and find community among memories. We live for the intimate beauty of the natural world & we believe in the importance of "stopping to smell the roses" together.

Nostalgia: / nɒˈstaldʒə / noun /

1. indulging a joyous feeling you have for the past, leaving you comforted by familiar surroundings

Thoughtful branding allows a minimal and modern look with a bold classic touch. Intentional in design, allowing scent and sense to have focus while complimenting any home or lifestyle.

We focus on true-to-life fragrance blends, while experimenting and perfecting our craft in different mediums to showcase the power of scent. Working with the finest of ingredients to build a safe, affordable and handmade product of the highest quality for all to enjoy.

Slow made

Foxhound Collection Fragrance is owned, operated and dreamt up by Kelsey Wier in a cute town by the Bay called Truro, Nova Scotia. A town that takes time for quality, a town that 'stops to smell the roses.' Truro is home to many great entrepreneurs and acclaimed brands, As well as its community that flows at a pace like the peaceful river that runs through it.

Established 2013