Modern + Timeless

Our line of soy candles are hand-poured and blended in a small studio in downtown Truro. Each fragrance is created in-house to embody true-to-life experiences, inspired by peaceful adventures and seasonal wonders.

Intentional in design, allowing scent and sense to have focus while complimenting any home or lifestyle.

Since 2014

Foxhound Collection is owned, operated and imagined by Kelsey Wier in a little town by the Bay called Truro, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

Foxhound started with an online classifieds purchase of some random, messy candlemaking gear. This was going to be a one-off but I fell in love with the art and science behind candlemaking. Foxhound was made and wholesaling out of my kitchen for quite some time and I’m so grateful for our transition to new spaces year after year. From kitchen to spare bedroom. From bedroom to cold, windowless basement rental - to beautiful storefront space. A journey of a lifetime, our life through scent.



A scent for every day, inspired by the everyday